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Efficient Fire Pit: Features a large charcoal grate for wood burning, providing a 20% more efficient burn rate and prolonged heat retention.
Generous Cooking Space: Boasts 752-square-inches of primary cooking space and an additional 255-square-inches of secondary cooking space.
Durable Construction: Crafted from high-temperature, heavygauge carbon steel for durability, with an all-welded body that maintains even cooking temperature for consistent results.
No Assembly Required: Ready to use out of the box, the offset smoker comes fully assembled for your convenience.
Smart Features: Warming Area Below Firebox: Additional space for keeping cooked food warm.
Bottom Shelf: Convenient storage for cooking utensils.
Side Out Stand: Added workspace for preparation.
Wood Handles: Ensures a secure grip while protecting hands from heat.
Precision Grilling: Equipped with 2 stainless steel 6mm 304 grills to deliver even heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber.
Mobility: Easily move the smoker with 4 large wheels, featuring locks for stability during use.
Easy Cleaning: The convenient firebox door facilitates quick and easy clean-up after use.

Unrivalled Performance

To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere.

Long Lasting

The use of high-grade materials and expert craftsmanship results in ovens that can last a lifetime.


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