Residential Oven Series

We've got a wood-burning pizza Oven in the Garden
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Terra Ovens

Our Terra Oven starts with a precast refractory dome that can be placed on a table top or a trolley. These ovens are small and portable and are a great option for beginners. Terra ovens reach upto 500℃. All ovens can be wood only or dual fuel (wood and gas).
Choose between a 16” and 20” diameter for the high grade refractory slab base and get ready to cook up your favorite dishes for your future social gatherings! Refractory cast domes are manufactured exclusively by WFCIN in India.


Versatile Cooking: Perfect for amateurs and pros, our BBQ excels in grilling, smoking, and searing.
Heavy Duty & Long Lasting: Built tough for durability, with a powder-coated exterior to resist rust.
Precision Design: CNC laser-cut for accuracy, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Non-Stick Convenience: Teflon-coated plates make cooking and cleaning a breeze.
Controlled Cooking: Height adjuster and adjustable air vents offer precision heat control.
Expert Craftsmanship: Designed by our wood fire oven team, guaranteeing quality and performance.